Volunteers planting


Childing planting in soil
Image by Noah Buscher

The GAEA Project is a community built on

positivity and support. 


We help people recognize that behaviour change is very difficult, and starts with small steps. Every action is celebrated, no matter how small.  We do not, and will never, shame efforts by saying “That is not enough”. Every eco friendly solution counts.

We believe the individual has the power.  The every day decisions we make and the action or non-action we take ultimately drive the behaviours of governments and corporations.  We have the power - our actions and our wallets are the best drivers of change. 

Enjoying the Nature

Our Community


All who want to make a positive contribution in a supportive manner are welcome.  If you believe in our cause, and believe you can make a small difference, we want you in our community.


The GAEA Project community makes it easy to take small steps.  Our small steps, taken together, will make a massive impact. 


Our community provides practical tips and ideas for making every-day small changes…..  taking a mesh bag to the grocery store, adjusting the thermostat, bringing your own cup to the coffee shop, using swap meets to upcycle or exchange rather than buying new, minimizing food waste......

Every idea is meant to be a time saving or money saving eco friendly tip. It's about making our planet better AND making your life better.

The ideas are only limited by your creativity !

Solar energy
Child and Climate Change

Simple actions may not be revolutionary on their own.  Yet, when your small actions become habits, those habits will lead to bigger actions and more new habits.  Start with one new action. Then two. Then four.  Then eight….


This virtuous circle leads to

an increasingly positive impact on our world.


Simple math produces results. One person makes a difference.  Two people double that impact. 100 people is a 100-fold difference. If a billion people each take small actions on a daily basis, we change the world.