The GAEA Project Foundation

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The GAEA Project Foundation is an integral part of our business and community and is dedicated to tangibly giving to and supporting causes that will make a difference in our world.


The GAEA Project donates 5% of Top Line Revenue to The Gaea Project Foundation on an annual basis. In addition, the Foundation accepts direct donations.  


100% of Profit from The GAEA Project branded merchandise is contributed to the Foundation.


We have established a unique governance model for the Foundation.  The Board of Trustees is comprised of the Founders of The GAEA Project, one member selected by the nominating committee and two  additional members from the Community who serve a 1-year term.  Community Members may serve up to two consecutive terms.  Community members are determined by the number of Tokens earned by the member in a given period.


Our Community decides how best to use the funds developed through the Foundation. The Board will nominate 1-5 projects or organizations each year as potential recipients. Members then vote on which projects or organizations to fund. The number of votes for each member of the community is determined by the number of Tokens they accrue in a period.


Tokens are awarded for the following activities or contributions: spend on affiliate products and services, content contribution, social media engagement (likes, shares, etc.) and direct donations to the foundation.



We want to be the first thing community members look at in the morning, to get their day off to a positive and engaged start.



For Profit Enterprise

We are a for-profit organization that is built on the trust, strength and engagement with our community.


Community Building

A vibrant, connected and growing community is vital for our ability to make a difference in combatting climate change.


B Corp

As a Certified B Corporation, we must balance purpose and profit. We are required to consider the impact of decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. B Corps are community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.


Content and Publishing

Publish content that supports our mission. Content that is timely, engaging and action oriented.  Most of the content includes tips, tricks and hacks to make it easier to live an engaged and participative life.  People making small behaviour modifications that collectively add up to significant change


A section of content will be hard news for those who are interested.  This will include all the “alarming statistics”. While we believe that people cannot be scared or threatened into action, we do believe it is necessary to report on real world trends and their impact.


As well, we will also provide news on positive climate developments. Many individuals, groups, NGOs, governments and corporations are doing great things.  It is important to recognize these and build on momentum.  Recognizing the positive impact creates an abundance mindset and belief that you can make a difference.


An integral part of content development is our community.  It is very important that our community feels both safe and compelled to contribute content.  As a real community we encourage them interact with each other.


Product and/or Service Review

When our Community trusts us, they will look to us to provide products and solutions to help them take those small steps.  We will provide objective reviews, and be clear and concise in our recommendations.


We will also encourage our community to review and discuss products and services.  All reviews done by a Community member will be reviewed by GAEA staff before publication.  This is not to censure or agree or disagree with the reviewer.  It is to ensure that all bias is removed from the review or commentary and that are no conflicts or inappropriate promotions.  


What kind of products?

Goods and services that are a better choice for their current consumption practices.  Goods and services that recognize the fundamental human truth: People want to help, they just don’t want it to personally cost them time, money or inconvenience.  We help them save time and money while doing good. And they feel good about their new behaviours.



We are trusted in our community to bring ideas and products that help benefit people, while benefiting our planet. We monetize through affiliate marketing, product distribution, advertising, speaking and writing engagements and sponsorship.



Transparency is fundamental to who we are, and Our Why.  


We will monetize in several different methods

  • Affiliate promotions

  • Banner advertising

  • AdWords

  • Sponsorships

  • Speaking engagements


We detail exactly what we earn from each of these methods.  For example, if we earn an affiliate commission for recommending a product or service in which we trust, we will clearly indicate the commission we make on that product. 


Our community can then decide if they want to buy the product through us and accrue the other benefits that come with that, or they can choose to buy the product somewhere else.


If we trust a product, and do not have an affiliate relationship, we will still recommend the product and provide a note that we do not have an affiliate relationship with that product or service.


Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are individuals who are committed to the Principles of The GAEA project, and live and promote the message.  Brand Ambassadors represent The GAEA Project in the greater community and enjoy a special observer status on the Foundation Board.


Eligibility for Brand Ambassador status is by invitation only and is assessed based on contribution to the community.