5 Ideas for the Bathroom

Install a Low-Flow Faucet Today's low flow faucets have come a long way. The water pressure feels similar and you will save a significant amount of water.

Reduce Shower Time A 9 minute shower is 10% less than a 10 minute shower. (Duh!) But think about it, you also save 10% on your water usage

Use the Hot Water Tap While waiting for the water to warm up, collect the cool and warming water in a container and use later for plant watering, dishes

Ditch Single Use Bottles Buy larger refillable bottles. Cuts down plastic, transportation costs (gas) and packaging. Might even save you money as well

Flushing Tip Put a object like a glass jar filled with water in the toilet reservoir tank. This creates volume in the tank and will reduce the amount of water per flush

BONUS: Each of this tips will save you money by saving the environment