A Shared Vision for a Decarbonized Future?

Earlier this year, Deidra Miniard et al., published an article on how people perceive current and future energy sources in the United States.

If you're like the people interviewed for the study, you likely are underestimating the amount of the U.S.'s energy that is derived from natural gas and oil and overestimating the role of renewable energy like solar and wind. So as a society, we're a little more optimistic about our current energy mix than we should be.

But there is some good news for the future! Across the political divide, both conservatives and liberals are looking towards renewable energy mix for the future -- something with a significant decrease in reliance on fossil fuels. This result surprised the researchers and it's great news for finding a path forward, even if there are differences in opinion on policies to achieve this.

Shared vision for a decarbonized future energy system in the United States. Deidra Miniard, Joseph Kantenbacher, Shahzeen Z. Attari. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Mar 2020, 117 (13) 7108-7114; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1920558117