Combating Climate Change in Your Kitchen

We all know the saying "You are what you eat," but did you know that not only is eating well good for your health, it can also be good for the health of the environment?

Here are three tips to serve up a climate-change friendly dinner tonight.

  1. Buy Local Shopping local reduces the distance that your food has to travel before reaching your plate. In turn, this reduces greenhouse gas emissions from transport. You are also supporting local businesses when you buy from your community.

  2. Buy In-Season Storage is a major contributor to how sustainable your food really is. When you buy food out of season, even if it's local, it could have been stored throughout the year causing emissions. If you buy food that's in season, not only does it often taste better, it likely won't be spending lots of time in storage.

  3. Eat Less Beef (and other high emission offenders) Cows cause almost 10% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions from the methane they expel! Switching to chicken or pork will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of your diner by nearly 80%. Start by swapping out one meal a week for something more climate-friendly.

Which of these tips will you bring to the dinner table next week? Remember that small changes are a step in the right direction and they can be both easy and fun.