Small Steps, BIG IMPACT Challenge presented by The GAEA Project

The GAEA project is excited to announce the Small Steps, BIG IMPACT Challenge in partnership with HeroX.

The GAEA Project is a global community of passionate individuals finding and sharing ideas and actions to tackle climate change, one small step at a time.

HeroX is a groundbreaking platform that enables contributors to solve big challenges with great ideas that have BIG IMPACT and get rewarded for their winning contributions.

We are partnering with HeroX to turbo-charge the growth of our community and enable many more individuals to take small steps to make a BIG IMPACT on climate change.

We believe that by reaching out to and drawing on the wisdom of the HeroX crowd we will gain hundreds of great, simple climate action tips that our community can use on a day-to-day basis.

Our belief is that change comes from individuals making small changes on a regular basis in our daily habits. You may think that turning the water off while you brush your teeth is pretty insignificant. But if a million of us do that, we save significant water. If a billion of us do that, we save enormous amounts of water.

And because our mission includes helping other climate change organizations, we are providing the prize money to non-profit organizations that are focused on climate change initiatives.

Here are the prizes you can win:

  • Our community will vote on the tips and hacks. For the top 3 Upvoted tips or hacks we will donate $250 in your name to your favorite climate change charity.

  • For the three non-profits whose community contributes the most tips, we will donate $250 (as measured by tips with the charity as the benefactor)

  • Every tip you submit will be one entry into a draw. Five random entries will be drawn and for each winner, we will contribute $100 in your name to your favorite climate change charity.

  • For each of the Top tips and hacks that we include in the book, you will receive a GAEA bracelet

Most of us want to make a difference in the battle against climate change. But if it costs time, money, or is inconvenient, we don’t change our behaviours.

The typical approach to promote climate change is to unleash depressing news, daunting statistics, and doomsday models to scare people into action. It is scary, and it is real. It also overwhelms us, making the problems seem insurmountable. The result? Inaction and we don’t change our behaviours.

At the GAEA Project, we encourage small simple steps to get started. We celebrate every small step in the right direction.

What are we asking you to do? Join our community and begin taking Small Steps to make a BIG IMPACT

  1. Sign up for the HeroX challenge HERE

  2. Submit as many climate action TIPS as you want! And if you want to, designate a charity for a potential prize

  3. Follow the HeroX challenge and Upvote those tips that you really like.

  4. Request a promotional package for your non-profit here.

  5. Subscribe to The GAEA Project mailing list here.

  6. Use the TIPS from our community to make small steps in your daily activities that can lead to a collective BIG IMPACT

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